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One-to-one (as in dcla121) – should answer any questions or doubts. Our involvement and commitment is total and dedicated with immediate response and answers, only limited by a need to sleep occasionally.

We don’t profess to be anything more than what we are – lean, mean experienced professionals without the overhead of an 800 lb. gorilla (who might specialize in “A” and subs “B, C & D” to generate a “package”).

We remain competitive without resorting to “lowest” bid vendors and sleep soundly at night as will you.

If it’s not in our wheelhouse, we tell you and/or pass on the gig.


Consultation, Design & Production:


Ambience, Displays, Exhibits, Scenic, Signage
Equipment/Systems: Audio, Lighting, Video
Presentations: PowerPoint, Video, Image Magnification (I-Mag), Internet
Special Events: Conferences, Corporate Industrials, Fashion, Promotions, Seminars, Concerts, Awards Programs
Fashion: Coordination, Image, Styling, Wardrobe, Marketing, Merchandising, Catalogues
Tradeshows: Marketing, Promotions, Merchandising, Buyer & Exhibitor Growth & Retention Programs (available only for select markets)

Music & Video:

Programming, Recording, Editing, Duplication, Ambience



Coordinating all event areas including logistics and budget management
Directors: Direction of talent, performers and technical staff
Production Designers: Responsible for audio, lighting, video, scenic and environment
Production Managers: Staff to coordinate and oversee delegated responsibilities
Coordinators: Assisting managers in areas of talent, merchandise and communication
Technicians: Behind the scenes stage managers, operators and set-up/strike crews
Talent: Announcers, Spokespersons, Models, Hair & Make-up Artists, Performers, DJ's
Budget/Event Analysis & Management: A new take, the next level, a new paradigm: "EventPlanCheck" Call us for details.