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Again, we value your time. The home page video is a fair, brief encapsulation of our work. In some instances we were contributors; however, in most, we were responsible for the complete creative and technical aspect.

The following expands upon that backstory.

 Scenic & Lighting

Incorporates:  scenic design & build, lighting design, staging, video projection, exhibition design/displays


- Programming specialists: for advertising, TV, film and special events
- 25,000+ song library (no fillers): covers most scenarios, essential to esoteric, constantly updated

- Club DJs & Broadcasting talent/experience
- Foreground and background ambience: playlists/formats designed/targeted for any and all demographic(s)
         any decade(s), most genres. Available on site, rental (with player) and streaming.

- Mixing & editing


- Live switched or edited capture
- Pre & post production

- On location editing for quick turnaround in order to stream/post or media sales/distribution
- Time lapse and visual effects

- Video projection: only limited by imagination & budget while designed for maximum impact

- VOR (video-on-request) full length (2-4 minute) highlights include:
     rock n roll, a bad hair day, “b4«dom” and more


- PowerPoint, et al. creation and guidance

- Visual enhancements

- Pre-production A/V consultation/design to maximize your content’s impact effectively & flawlessly


CBA:   (Cost Benefit Analysis)

Not sexy, no visuals, but part of the array of talent and services. It’s budget and production management on an entirely different, higher level resulting in savings and profits.  Contact us about "EventPlanCheck".